Edit and publish your YouTube videos in minutes!

How it works

Import Seamlessly

Edit videos from your Desktop, Google Drive or Twitch account with our direct integration.


Edit with ease

Cut, Trim, Crop and add Calls to Action with our powerful but easy to use timeline. 

Export straight to YouTube

Our cloud-powered technology allows you to export your videos straight to YouTube in minutes rather than hours! 

Dramatically increase your video content production.

Streamlined and built for speed!

With our drag and drop interface and cloud-powered rendering technology you can edit and export videos in minutes, allowing you to increase your video output without sacrificing quality! 

Edit on any computer

Stop spending time and money researching laptops and computer parts. Our cloud-powered technology provides a smooth editing experience on any computer, be it a desktop, Chromebook or Mac! 

Get more subscribers

Tap into our library of customizable, professionally-made Motion Graphics to add stylish Calls to Action that will get more viewers to subscribe to your channel! 

Create stylish intros and title sequences

Our customizable overlays and motion titles will help you create stylish intros and title cards without requiring any advanced video editing knowledge or animation skills. 

Work closely with your editor

Flixier's team collaboration features allow you to sync projects, share files and ask for  feedback instantly with the click of a button, making it a lot easier to work with colleagues or with an editor!

What our customers say

Dramatically speed up your editing!