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Boost your Twitch viewership

With Flixier you get to repurpose your Twitch streams into content that attracts more viewers on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter in minutes instead of hours.

How it works

Import Seamlessly

Connect your accounts and bring your recordings over straight from Twitch using our direct integration!


Edit with ease

Cut, Trim, Crop and Combine recordings on a powerful but super friendly interface.  

Add Calls to Action

Add a professional look to your videos with the included motion titles, calls to action and overlays.

Dramatically speed up your content creation

Don't waste your content

Your live streams contain hours of original content showcasing your personality and brand. Why let them go to waste when you go offline? Turn them into YouTube videos to keep growing your audience instead!

Make amazing videos

Speed-up video creation with over 2 Million built-in, Video and Image stock files. To help you add a professional look to your videos we also include 50+ transitions, motion titles, animated text and overlays

No more downloads

Our integration lets you import your streams and clips directly from Twitch and then share them on YouTube once you're done editing. That means no more waiting around for huge files to download, render or upload!

Publish in minutes

When you're a streamer, time is of the essence. Our cloud-powered technology cuts down editing and exporting time from hours to minutes, allowing you to focus on the things that matter to you and your audience! And you don't need to worry about system requirements anymore. 

Collaborate in an instant

Share projects and media instantly and pick-up where someone else left off. Or just send a link and get feedback on your work in real-time. No more fussing around with rendering, uploads, and e-mail threads trying to pin-point adjustments.

What our customers say

Dramatically speed up your content creation