Edit and publish your lectures online in minutes!

How it works

Import Seamlessly

Bring your videos over from local storage or import Zoom recordings and Google Classroom meetings. 


Edit with ease

Cut, Trim, Crop, annotate and insert images or videos using our powerful but easy to use timeline.

Share with your students

Export your video lectures in a matter of minutes and share it with your students!

Dramatically increase your video content production.

Reach your students

With remote learning becoming increasingly wide-spread, online courses are a more valuable resource than ever before! 

Annotate your lectures

Our text and shapes library makes it easy for you to annotate your lectures. Doing this can help viewers follow along, as well as help you express ideas better and correct any possible mistakes. 

No unnecessary downloads

If you use Zoom or google Classroom to host your lectures, you can import your footage in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is link your accounts, select the files you need and start editing! 

Zero wasted time

No more waiting around for hours while your laptop struggles to export a video. With  Flixier, all the heavy lifting is done in the cloud so your lectures will be exported and ready to be shared in a matter of minutes! 

Built for everyone

Use our drag and drop interface to overlay images and videos that help you illustrate your point! Our editor is very intuitive and provides you with all the tools you need to make your lessons look professional!

What our customers say

Dramatically speed up your editing!