Equalize, Pan and Monitor Audio in Your Videos

Equalize, Pan and Monitor Audio in Your Videos

Our brand new Audio Monitor lets you keep an eye on your sound levels and make sure that your audio isn’t clipping.

Clicking on it will expand it to allow you to get a better view as well as give you access to a couple of extra settings. The slider here lets you pan the audio from left to right, while the gain setting lets you increase or decrease the audio gain either by entering a value manually or dragging with the left mouse button.

It’s important to note that settings made in the Audio Monitor apply to the entire project, meaning all the audio recordings on your timeline will have their Gain modified.

If you want to modify individual audio clips, you need to select them on the timeline and go to the Object Inspector menu.

Here, you’ll also find a Gain and Pan dial, except this time, you’ll notice the changes are only applied to the selected audio clip.

If you want to personalize your audio even further, the Object Inspector menu also has a brand new equalizer that you can apply to your clips.

With more than 10 different equalizer presets available, you’ll be able to find a bass boost, a vocal mode meant to emphasize your voice, as well as a number of presets optimized for various musical genres.

If you want to experiment more, you can also click the Customize button to create your own equalizer profile.

Don’t worry about playing around with the frequencies! If you make a mistake you can always select the Flat equalizer preset to reset everything and revert back to the original sound.

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