Create marketing videos in minutes instead of hours!

How it works

Import Seamlessly

Import your recordings and branding materials straight from your desktop, Dropbox or Google Drive.


Edit with ease

Cut, Trim, Crop and Combine recordings on a powerful but easy to use timeline.

Add Calls to Action

Add a professional look to your videos with the included motion titles, calls to action and overlays.

Dramatically increase your video content production.

Streamlined and built for speed

With our drag and drop interface and cloud-powered rendering technology you can edit and export videos in minutes, allowing you to increase your company's video output without sacrificing quality!

Convert more viewers

Take advantage of our huge library of ready-made motion graphics, title cards and Call to Action animations to create professional looking videos that convert more viewers without having any advanced video editing knowledge!

Express your brand identity

Every asset we offer is easily customizable to fit your brand identity guidelines. Build authority with your customers by putting out content that stands out as your own and reflects the thought and care you put into it.

Collaborate in an instant

Flixier lets you sync your projects with colleagues in real-time and share files instantly! On top of that, our Review Links allow you to get fast and precise feedback! Working with clients has never been easier!

What our customers say

Dramatically speed up your editing!