Edit and publish webinars in minutes instead of hours

How it works

Import Seamlessly

Edit recordings from your desktop or from your Zoom Cloud account with our direct Integration.


Edit with ease

Cut, Trim, Crop and Combine recordings on a powerful but easy to use timeline.

Add Calls to Action

Add a professional look to your webinars with the included motion titles, calls to action and overlays.

Dramatically speed up your webinar editing

Modern day video editing

Besides collaboration Flixier comes packed with plenty of innovative features designed to speed up your video output

Have videos ready in minutes

Flixier is powered by cloud-computing which means speed and fluidity on any computer. Even more, our groundbreaking rendering tech publishes any video in 3 to 5 minutes.

Collaborate in an instant

Quickly create high quality content with all the features you need. Flixier combines an advanced interface with ready made drag and drop features to satisfy all your editing requirements.

Create content faster

Speed-up video creation with over 2 Million built-in Music, Video and Image stock files. To help you add a professional look to your videos we also include motion titles, animated text and overlays

What our customers say

Dramatically speed up your editing!